Spare Parts, at a glance

Spare Parts starts you off as a robot who stumbles upon a broken down spaceship, you are then warped to different planets as you are tasked with collecting spare parts to repair said spaceship. Let the platforming and puzzles commence!


The platforming is somewhat iffy due to the fixed camera but I never found it to be too drastic of a problem. The puzzles can be fun as you try to complete them using your different gadgets that you collect throughout the game.

Is the game worth it? Well, it’s pretty short, but can make for a pretty fun time.

Gorgeous environments and interesting character animations make for a pleasant game to look at.

the voice acting wasn’t great, but still not terrible. As for the music, it’s not too memorable.

A few game mechanics don’t quite hit home. the overall experience is fun but decidedly average.

Replay Value:

Score: 7.75/10


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