Bioshock Infinite, Video Game Review

Bioshock Infinite has you take on the role of Booker DeWitt as you battle against the many foes of Columbia.



The gun play is quite solid, though I dearly would have loved to have a weapon wheel in a game with such a large and varied arsenal, I found myself only using the sniper and the handcannon for most all of the game. I also didn’t find myself using the Vigors throughout the game, usually only remembering to use them through the use of a popup reminder.

Bioshock Infinite tells a vibrant and colorful story in a vibrant and colorful world, and is sure to please anyone who enjoys a story driven FPS.


Columbia is absolutely beautiful with an atmospheric world so full of literal color and unique art design.


The voice acting is great and the overall sound quality is very high.


Shoot your way through enemy after enemy, including the tough as nails Handymen, and the dangerous Motorized Patriots. All while gliding along with your Sky-Hook.

Replay Value:


Score: 10/10


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