Logitech G100s, Hardware Review


I’ve been gaming on PC since 2012 so, in terms of gaming mice, I have only previously owned a Razer Naga 2014 edition and a CM Storm Spawn. I liked the Razer Naga, the primary buttons felt responsive and were very quiet, and the sensor felt fine to me just playing games casually. But, as I got more serious about gaming on my PC, I looked for a simpler mouse having never really used the 12 thumb buttons, I was also interested in finding a mouse with an optical sensor. I had only ever used mice with a palm grip, so I decided to try the CM Storm Spawn to see if I preferred using a claw grip. I settled on more of a fingertip grip and the spawn worked great for me, but as you may know, it is near impossible to find the perfect mouse. I prefer 400 CPI in FPS games, so the 800-1800-3500 CPI steps were insufficient for me. In addition, the Spawn’s shape made it difficult for a more relaxed grip when web browsing and the like.

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